Westtown school 西城中学




Westtown just might be the best school for your child.

Westtown could be the school that challenges your child academically, stimulates her curiosity, and stays with him as his learning pace accelerates…The school within whose walls your child can discover a thirst for knowledge and the passion to apply it…The school that could be the difference between your child growing up to be changed by the world and your child being a force for change in the world.

Westtown is a college prep school: classes are challenging, and as students engage in them fully, they grow in ability and confidence. At the same time they’re getting a world-class education, they’ll also acquire the skills they need to put their learning into action.

An international student body contributes to a truly global education, and Westtown’s philosophy – rooted in its Quaker tradition – has been emphasizing the kinds of skills needed in the 21st century workplace for over 200 years.

Westtown admits committed students whose goals are to lead and make a difference. If this sounds like your child, then come discover Westtown School.